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How can we say thank you?

How can we say thank you?

How can we say thank you?


In 2.5 days, our friends and family ordered over 700 bars of soap.


I wanted to say thank you but I cannot find the words that would symbolize the impact this is having, and thank you just doesn’t seem like enough.


Did you know that the Ngäbe-Buglé language doesn’t have a word for "thank you"? I asked them why and they said they didn’t know. It could be that "thank you" is expressed as gratitude in happiness or that the land, the sea, and the air is for everyone. So thank you was never needed among their communities.

Thank you is needed at this moment. We know many of our friends' and families' lives have been impacted as well. Many of you have still come forward to help even when your own lives are upside down.

I’ve wanted to write every second another sale came in. I was either in tears of happiness or doing cartwheels. I wanted to tell everyone how much of an impact this will have on the community; the shift that your act of kindness is creating but I cannot find the words equivalent to that feeling of joy.

So, we did what we know how to do.

🌍 We told the village that we are buying coconut oil again. We told them about all the people ordering online! And as long as the soap sells we’ll be buying as much oil as we can.

🙌 We told the team in town…“Get ready, when the quarantine lifts we’ll be making a lot of soap!!”

Bliss and joy are the expressions we wanted to share with you, so we are sending you their smiles.

❤️ We talked to the families making the oil. We put up more signs. We told people not to worry. We might not go back to tourism right away, but we’ll pivot and make sure everyone still has enough money to buy groceries for their families today, and hopefully, in the future, this can become a way of life.

☀️ Right now we are in full pivot mode. As long as the soaps keep selling we’ll be able to buy groceries and distribute soaps into the communities to stop the spread of diseases - not only for COVID-19 but other viruses that these communities with limited medical care might face.


We can also support their local community stores and move forward one day at a time.

We’ll keep moving forward even in a crisis… and maybe along the way we can inspire others to keep moving forward too.

www.saltcreeksoaps.com - The Gift that Gives Back

From all of our families to all of your families… Thank you! 😍