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44 gallons received for the coconut oil project !!!

44 gallons received for the coconut oil project !!!

As many of our friends and family know, we are in the travel industry and so many businesses (not just our industry) have come to a stop over the last month due to the spread of COVID-19.


During this time sheltered in place, we have been working on a plan to keep moving forward with our team and the community of Salt Creek ( the Ngöbe Indigenous community that we love and work with every day.) It's heartbreaking closing the doors when it means the loss of jobs for people you love.

Job creation was the #1 goal of creating our boutique resort in Bocas 6 years ago and continues to be our goal today. Today, job creation will enable people to cater to their basic needs and come out of this hardship.

Yesterday we picked up 44 gallons of coconut oil for the first of our team projects that will all be handmade by members of the community. Families came together and children came to receive the money for their families, all with love ❤️ to keep moving forward.

44 Gallons is an overwhelming response, and we're just getting started... ❤️❤️