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Making the coconut oil

Making the coconut oil

Making the coconut oil

❤️Here's a little update on quarantined island life and the coconut oil project.


❤️We have had an amazing response to our request for coconut oil from the community. The process to make the oil is really amazing so we've put together this short clip so you can experience this process with us.

I am planning to make a longer video soon and I will post it when it is complete. With the hotels being closed you would think I'd have nothing better to do with my time in quarantine but I am actually keeping myself really busy with this coconut oil project. Maybe too busy….


🌴 Coconut oil is referred to as nature's nutritional goldmine. I never leave home without it. I’m sure that sounds cliché, but it’s my truth.

🌴 This little island is full of such happy, amazing people living such a simple life. Some people see poverty but I could never understand that view. I see a beautiful community with strong family bonds, unlimited time, amazing talents and the pure happiness that comes from living simply.


Please enjoy our video below.