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When time stops, love and nature persist

When time stops, love and nature persist

When time stops, love and nature persist.

When you arrive at this little island, the energy of this place will change you.

For many people, a small difference in the world could be a world of opportunity.


Phase II of our project was turning the oil into soap and giving it back to the community. Our goal is to show just how important their skills are for making the soap. I made you a little video to watch and enjoy. ❤️

Besides the soapmaking and video editing, we are living our best-quarantine life. We wanted to let you know it is taking a little longer to get the website up and running and to get the materials here to package and send out the soaps.

❤️ In the meantime, we will spend the next few weeks convincing you to fall in love with this community.❤️

Azul Paradise has always been more than just photos of a beautiful Caribbean Island. We always wanted everyone to see and feel the magic from the spirit of the people.

We just never knew how to tell the story of this community. Perhaps the soap is the answer to this too.

As the global quarantine continues I hope we all remember one thing... that we’re in this together. There is no winning if we all don’t win. ❤️