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We decided to just jump!

We decided to just jump!

We are ready!

They say you should start before you feel ready... so here we go. We have had a soft opening to family and friends to get the ball rolling and wanted to keep you updated and let you know that the project is in full swing.

Actually, we are in overdrive and my head is spinning.


We collected another 40+ gallons of coconut oil from the community last week - money was distributed and families in need were able to buy groceries. We wanted to make sure that multiple families were getting a chance to contribute so we limited coconut oil supply to 2 gallons per family on every pick-up date. On this pick-up, 24 families delivered handmade oil. Imagine how amazing this is. Many families here have 5-10+ children so one average we more than 100 people are benefitting from 1 delivery pick up. This makes our hearts so happy.


✅ We set up a Facebook Page so you'll be able to follow our journey there (https://www.facebook.com/saltcreeksoap).

✅ Our website is almost fully up and running. Please let me know here if you have problems with the check-out. We are only releasing it to friends and family right now to test it (www.saltcreeksoaps.com).

✅ Our US Company has been set up and is ready to roll. Yes, we will gather the oil in Panama, but we will keep our company US-based for distribution (🇵🇦to 🇺🇸).

✅ The design for our labels is complete. This is my favorite part. These soap bars use words spoken among the Ngäbe indigenous communities to represent the sacred language of the rainforest.

Our hope is to create a package that has all the feelings of the island and the spirit of the people. Salt Creek Soaps is a way to give back and provide jobs across borders - the ingredients are from the Panamanian rainforest and distribution will be in the US.

We hope that these boxes will convince you to vacation in Bocas del Toro or at least spark a sense of adventure.

Your purchase contains a keepsake box, a letter about the islands and discount coupons to use here anytime after the borders open up.

❤️❤️ We plan to start shipping in July so if you have it in your heart to help this cause, pre-order for yourself or maybe as an amazing present for a friend. From the bottom of our hearts, we would be so grateful.

What you will get:

💙 An island keepsake box.

💙 6 Bars of handmade coconut butter soaps labeled with the language and spirit of the rainforest. The soaps are infused in essential oils and pure coconut.

💙 A loofah sponge with the Salt Creek Logo.

💙 A letter from our heart to yours documenting the impact the COVID-19 world pandemic has had across the world's borders.

💙 Discount coupons you can use in Bocas del Toro that will pay for the box over and over again.

💙 Plus 1 to 1 donation of soap back to the communities.

💙 The best part: the provision of enough jobs to feed a community that could really use your help.

The price is only $45.00 + 8.00 shipping.


If you'd like to order, July is our drop ship date… You won't be disappointed.